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Lawyers in Dobrich

The territorial scope of our legal services and consultancy  activities now has permanent and lasting presence in the city of Dobrich and the region of Dobrich Municipality.

 Together with our colleagues lawyers from Dobrich, we  provide full legal assistance, information and advice on court actions, ensuring competent advice on investments in Bulgaria, Company corporate changes, mergers and Acquisitions, litigation before all courts and full legal protection of your rights and legitimate interests in the region of Dobrich on the following topics and cases: civil contracts , labor and contractual agreements, property - real estate transactions, advice on corporate and commercial law, copyright law, conveyance, family law, administrative law, judicial and extrajudicial disputes, representation before Notary, Cadastre, Municipal Agriculture Offices, Municipality and district administration, enforcement agents , bailiffs , all legal assistance and advice at all stages of enforcement and court  proceedings, tourism and tourist related issues. We are specialized Law firm and Lawyers in Dobrich area.

 We provide full legal preparation of preliminary agreements and finalizing any kind of property deals and transactions before a notary in the Dobrich region - the purchase of apartments, houses, land and others , to draw up contracts for purchase-sale  of vehicles, changes in the Commercial Register, purchase and sale of shares, commercial enterprises , etc.
We provide consultation on all matters relating to the property register of the Registry Agency in Dobrich, help in issuing certificates.

 If you are looking for a good ,competent lawyer in Dobrich, do not hesitate to contact us at our central contact details , by e-mail or phone:

24 hours mobile telephone: +359 887 55 66 32
office phone: +359 52 603 183