Legal services Varna

Services for companies

 Company formation /OOD, EOOD, AD, SP, DZZD/, registration of changes in the company in the Commercial Register /transformation, change of seat, change of manager, Articles of Association/ By-laws amendment, management contracts/, drafting of invitations and protocols of General Meetings and etc..


Company activity analysis from legal point of view.


Drafting of partner’s contracts (for delivery, for services and etc.).


Drafting of employment contracts, civil contracts, annexes for changes to them, jobs description, orders for appointment and dismissal, disciplinary proceedings, declaration under The Law on Protection of Personal Data.


Audit of company internal documents (templates of contracts, general conditions, internal rules, etc.) and proposals for amending and updating as a result of changes in legislation.


Conducting of negotiations with partners and clients of the company.


Due diligence drafting.


Protecting the company interests in front of municipal and state authorities.


Drafting of notary invitations for voluntary execution of the liabilities to the company.


Legal representation in court disputes, drafting of statements of claims; security measures.


Out of court settlement/ mediation.


Drafting of tender documents under the Public Procurement Act.