Legal services Varna

Specialized legal advice

For the convenience of our present and potential customers we offer specialized legal advice. Below please find our law office everyday cases:

Company Service
-Advice on structuring business arrangements, internal organization and the internal documentation;
-Keeping company name, formation and registration of changes in the Commercial Register: transfer of shares, change of a manager, termination of membership of a partner/ shareholder, change in the address, transfer of commercial enterprise;
-Advice regarding changes in legislation;
-Representation in front of state and  municipal authorities, tax and customs services;
-Negotiations with partners;
-Registration and protection of trademark;
-Representation of the company through a notary certified power-of-attorney;
-Providing temporary address for registration of the company;
-Bank account opening;
-Drafting of any type of contract related to the company activity;
-Submission of annual financial statements;
-Suspension of operations and liquidation.

Real estate investments by physical persons and companies
-Property legal analysis ( due diligence);
-Drafting and conclusion of preliminary and final contracts for purchase-sale of real estate, termination;
-Donation or replacement of real estate- legal framework and organization of the procedure;
-Drafting of rental contracts and contracts for management and maintenance of real estate;
-Legal representation in litigation for reimbursement, contract termination and etc.

Stay of foreigners in Bulgaria
-Legal framework for foreign investment;
-Long-term and permanent residence of foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria;;
-Visa requirements;
-Bulgarian citizenship acquisition.

Appealing of tax and administrative acts
-Representation in tax and administrative proceedings;
-Appealing of penal provisions by administrative and court order.

Collection of receivables from debtors
-Analysis of the financial condition of the debtor;
-Security measures;
-Legal representation in cases brought against debtors.

Public Procurement
-Legal advice and representation in public procurements;
-Drafting of documents;
-Appealing in front of the court and the CPC.

Construction and Renewable Energy
-Legal advice on real estate acquisition and subsequent organization of construction process;
-Land status change;
-Analysis of deals with projects in the field of renewable energy.

Е-business / Electronic trade

-Comprehensive legal services to IT companies specialized in software and web applications 
-Legal framework for sale of goods / services in electronic stores and comprehensive legal services
-Legal framework of the activities of investment firms offering online trading of financial instruments and comprehensive legal services
-Service to sites for collective buying and online trading