Legal services Varna

Real Estate Transactions

Advice and assistance in any real right or contractual issues, cases, questions, as well as forthcoming real estate transactions and contracts of sale of real estate, replacements, donations, transfers of property against liability for maintenance and care, wills, etc.

Preparation of notary deeds concerning all types of real estate transactions, as well as preparation of all other documents for the transaction. Preparation of documents required for circumstance inspection and acquisition of property by adverse possession.

Preparation of deeds establishing the right to build, superstructure, adds to a building, contractual and legal mortgages, contracts of sale of movable property, construction contracts, leases, contracts for partitioning, granting of the right to work, preliminary contracts for purchase - sale.

Research on the documentation proving the right of ownership of the seller and the history of the property, assistance and representation before Notary Public, Registry Agency, National Archives and others and supplying of all references, including checking for the presence or absence of encumbrances or third party rights over real estate, foreclosures or other restrictions
Supplying with the necessary transaction documents / tax evaluations, certificates, drawings, sketches, etc. / for representation in negotiations with potential buyers or sellers, preparing of legal statements, representation at the date of the property acquisition and the notary deed signing.

Drafting of all types of contracts, powers of attorney, notary invitations, declarations, notary deeds, wills, partitioning, legal statements and analyses

Legal representation in enforcement cases before all courts in disputes regarding ownership, protection and restoration of disturbed possession and limited real rights, at tortuous events, unjustified enrichment and others.